Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSG)

TIW WESTERN is a leader in the design and manufacture of these units. When we first acquired the technology to build this equipment, in 1978, the OTSG design technology had been developed for units from 5 MM Btu/hr to 50 MM Btu/hr. In 1981 TIWW further expanded the technology to design units that took advantage of Alberta’s unique transportation limits, which resulted in the first shop fabricated 180 MM Btu/hr OTSG for a heavy oil producer in the Cold Lake area. Since that time TIWW has gone on to develop even larger units. The largest units to date are twin barrel units with a combined capacity of 590 MM Btu/hr.

When it comes to the OTSG and HRSG we are a one stop supplier from in-house design through fabrication, transportation, installation and commissioning. If required operator training can be provided as part of our overall service.

We have the capability to also include Steam Generator Control Systems and Burner Management Systems for our units. We have long held that when it comes to boiler controls the best approach would be to have the manufacturer supply that service. Therefore through a technology arrangement with RVSA & Associates, we have provided the complete SGCS and BMS on a growing number of contracts, reducing pre-commissioning timelines.

As an ongoing service TIWW will also refurbish and retrofit existing OTSG units manufactured both by TIWW and others either in one of our shops, or if that is not practical, in the field.