Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

In 1998 TIWW entered into a licensing agreement with Nooter/Eriksen to design and supply EOR type HRSG units for Cogeneration projects in Canada. N/E is the world leader in the design of HRSG units ranging in sizes from 20 MW to over 235 MW. As a full technology licensee, TIWW is capable of, and responsible for, the entire mechanical and thermal design, utilizing N/E propriety software. The complete resources of N/E’s extensive world experience is available to TIWW on an as needed basis.

These units are custom designed to be installed behind Gas Turbines, taking the heat from the exhaust gas and exchanging it with softened water in the HRSG coils to generate approximately 80% quality steam. Using the Nooter/Eriksen proven technology processes, TIWW can design the HRSG requirements for any Gas Turbine. The EOR HRSG differs from the conventional HRSG in that it has individually controlled water/steam flow circuits, horizontal tubes and no steam/mud drums.

Operating pressures for this style HRSG range from 800 to 2200 psig.

TIWW’s scope of supply includes all components from the turbine outlet to the tip of the HRSG exhaust stack on the combustion side and all high pressure piping from the owner supplied pumps through to the steam discharge valves. All instrumentation within these boundaries is included in our supply. High pressure fuel delivered to our skid edge is regulated down to the required levels for the multi-runner burner elements. All Safety controls, instrument valves and CSA approved shutdown hardware is shop assembled and delivered to site as modular components.

The EOR HRSG can operate both with and without duct firing as dictated by steam demands.