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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell and Tube Exchangers are popular because their design flexibility allows them to function in various temperatures and pressures. They are commonly used in oil refineries and high-end chemical processes, and other high-pressure applications.

Each Shell and Tube Exchanger consists of four major components: the shell, tube bundle, front header, and rear header. In the exchanger, fluid flows inside and over tubes within the shell to reach the appropriate temperatures.



TIW Western Inc. merges with Petro-Tech Heat Technology. As an industry leader in providing top-quality heat transfer products and services, we know a great opportunity whenwe see one.

On January 1, 2022, we happily welcomed Petro-Tech Heat Technology to the TIWW family and will now be known as a TIW Western Brand

The merger of our two companies enhances our ability to design and engineer leading-edge heat transfer solutions and to provide our clients with access to more than 121000sq feet of project space, making us one of the largest fabrication facilities in Western Canada. Now when we say the sky’s the limit, we mean it!