When we first acquired the technology to build this equipment, in 1979, the OTSG design technology had been developed for units from 5 MM Btu/hr to 50 MM Btu/hr. In 1981, TIWW further expanded the technology to design units that took advantage of Alberta's unique transportation limits, which resulted in the first shop fabricated 180 MM Btu/hr OTSG for a heavy oil producer in the Cold Lake area. Since that time, TIWW has gone on to develop even larger units. The largest units to date are twin barrel units with a combined capacity of 590 MM Btu/hr.


In 1998, TIWW entered into a licensing agreement with Nooter/Eriksen to design and supply EOR type HRSG units for Cogeneration projects in Canada. N/E is the world leader in the design of HRSG units ranging in sizes from 20 MW to over 235 MW. As a full technology licensee, TIWW is capable of, and responsible for, the entire mechanical and thermal design, utilizing N/E propriety software. The complete resources of N/E’s extensive world experience is available to TIWW on an as needed basis.


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