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Quality Heat Transfer Equipment in Alberta

Our custom designed heat transfer equipment sets industry standards for technological excellence. Our history as the leading designer of Enhanced Oil Recovery Once Through Steam Generators providesus with the knowledge base to work in almost any heat transfer application (steam hot water, glycol, hot oil).


Executing Our Vision For The Future

As an industry leader in providing top-quality heat transfer products and services, we know a great opportunity when we see one. On January 1, 2022, we happily welcomed Petro-Tech Heat Technologyto the TIWW family of companies to expand our portfolio of heat transfer products.

The merger of our two companies enhances our ability to design and engineer leading-edge heat transfer solutions, making us one of the largest fabrication facilities in Western Canada. Now, whenwe say the sky’s the limit, we mean it!

Unmatched Service with Industry-Leading Solutions

You’ll enjoy unparalleled service from a team of heat transfer design, engineering, and manufacturing experts focused on delivering the best solution for your specific heat transfer challenge.

A One-Stop Supplier of Heat Transfer Equipment

TIW WESTERN Inc. (TIWW) is a one-stop supplier from in-house design through fabrication, transportation, installation, and commissioning. With over 40 50 years of experience in providing top-quality heat transfer products Solutions and services, TIWW is an industry leader with one of the largest fabrication facilities in Western Canada.

Serving Western Canada with a Wide Range of Products and Services

TIWW has over 126,000 sq ft of enclosed shop fabrication space at our Calgary, Alberta facility, with more than 24,000 sq feet of office space on 8 acres.

We use a combination of proprietary in-house heat transfer design programs and purchased industry recognized software to custom design OTSG’s and HRSG’s at our Calgary site.

Calgary is also home to all of our sales, project management, design, drafting, purchasing and accounting departments.

TIWW has been designing and manufacturing heat transfer equipment in Calgary since 1972.

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