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World-Class Heat Transfer Equipment

Our custom designed heat transfer equipment sets industry standards for technological excellence. Our history as the leading designer of Enhanced Oil Recovery Once Through Steam Generators provides us with the knowledge base to work in almost any heat transfer application (steam hot water, glycol, hot oil).


We are a One-Stop Supplier

TIW WESTERN Inc. (TIWW) is a one-stop supplier from in-house design through fabrication, transportation, installation and commissioning. With over 30 years experience in providing top-quality heat transfer products and services, TIWW is an industry leader with one of the largest fabrication facilities in Western Canada.

Our Products and Services

TIWW has over 102,000 square feet of enclosed shop fabrication space at our Calgary, Alberta, facility and 70,000 square feet of enclosed shop fabrication space at our Nisku, Alberta, facility. Both locations have similar capabilites, from crane capacity to sandblast and paint facilities, to manufacturing our complete line of products.